The Welcome Mat

Hello Dear Readers,

I have finally launched my new blog, Libby Lu and her Point of View.  You will still be able to come back to this blog to read old posts, but I will no longer be writing for this site.

Please visit me at  and let me know what you think of the new playground! Once at the new site, don’t forget to sign up to be notified of new postings. You will see links for which to do this on the main menu.

Thank you for rolling with the changes, and for your loyal readership. If you like the new blog, please share it.


Libby Lu


Time for the Wise and Foolish Year

Sophomore –   compound of the Greek sophos, “wise” + moros, “foolish”

Our soon to be college sophomore has had a year of living alone, making big kid decisions and being away from the parentals. And as much as she seems grown, she is not. From experience, I know that she will still make foolish decisions.

But what  happens when we go all foolish?

We learn from it and become wiser.

It’s how we grow.

It’s a lifelong process.

I feel like a true sophomore parent.

In just a couple of hours our plane leaves for Texas to get Alli back to college for her second year.

This time last year, I was going crazy making sure everything was packed. I had lists and lists of items to remember and things to purchase once we got there. Emotionally, I was choking. I didn’t know what was ahead.  I was foolish. I was listening to the empty nest hype.

This year, I have no concerns. Alli is doing her own packing. I didn’t even make my usual excel spread sheet of items to carry. Larry had to remind me to get our boarding passes. (Which he so kindly did for me.) I really should be in the shower and have my bag packed, but instead, here I am writing! I feel some new form of parental wisdom.

So, do you see something here?

What sometimes comes off as wisdom is really just foolishness in disguise.

Bottom line, we are all sophomores in life.

Today, I feel so calm and okay with this next change, but I’ll probably have a nervous breakdown on Sunday when we say our goodbyes. Who knows?

Right now I’m going to seize the day and leave you with a link to a post from last year. It’s especially for those of you with first year college students.

Love to all,

Libby Lu