Email Fail

I realized that my readership has either dumped me, or possibly, just possibly you haven’t gone to my new blog and clicked the little button on the main menu on the left to “Follow via Email”  or to “Like” on Facebook. New posting notifications will not be sent from this blog in the future.

I’d really hate for you to miss the likes of Eddie Wauford and the killer desk. or my upcoming post where Bo the Gecko visits with the wise men.

Thank you for following.

Libby Lu


The Welcome Mat

Hello Dear Readers,

I have finally launched my new blog, Libby Lu and her Point of View.  You will still be able to come back to this blog to read old posts, but I will no longer be writing for this site.

Please visit me at  and let me know what you think of the new playground! Once at the new site, don’t forget to sign up to be notified of new postings. You will see links for which to do this on the main menu.

Thank you for rolling with the changes, and for your loyal readership. If you like the new blog, please share it.


Libby Lu