The Turkey’s Going Flat

I’m still working on the new blog. With Larry’s input, I have decided on a new theme and layout. Alli helped me come up with a new name. I can’t describe the way we think and brainstorm together. If I shared the messages that went back and forth between us on this name game, someone would have us both committed.

Thanksgiving is here again ! This will be the first time in twelve years that we are not hosting my family and our friends. Alli is studying abroad in Paris this semester. My brother’s family has grown.  Dad has a hard time getting my mother out of bed before early afternoon. It just feels like a good time to take a break.

Thanksgiving, 2013 will be a quiet day with just the two of us. We will cook together, have great philosophical conversation and hot adult beverages around the chiminea, and against all my previous rules concerning no decorating before Thanksgiving, we will begin our holiday decorating.

I really can’t believe what a rebel I’m being this year. Not only are we not hosting Thanksgiving, we are also going to be putting up our first, ever fake Christmas tree. More on that later.

I hope to have my new blog up and running by next week. You’ll be the first to know!

Happy Thanksgiving. I’m grateful for you, my readers.

Libby Lu


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