Darn Summer Reruns

Our local public schools were back in session on August first!

WOW that was a short summer.

Funny, it’s still in the nineties, humid as can be and very much still summer. I seem to relate the seasons to the school year. That just doesn’t work anymore, does it?

Alli will be leaving in only eleven days to begin her sophomore year of college. I’m looking at the calendar by my desk right now, and I figure I may see her maybe two of those days.

It’s been another hectic but fun week.

We visited Momma Crew in Virgina. I’ve had a few coffee and lunch dates with friends. I taught my dad the art of making homemade bread. Alli surprised me one day at work and took me to lunch. This weekend we have had a wonderful time with our friends from Texas whose son goes to school with Alli.

Since I have not had time to write much the past several days, I would like to share another rerun with you, my dear readers (and I do hope you know that I appreciate you reading my blog!)

Here it is:   https://theviewisgreat.wordpress.com/2011/08/13/so-long-farewell-to-yieu-and-yieu-and-yieu/

To those of you who are sending your baby off to kindergarten, high school or college in the days ahead, I’m here to tell you that you will survive these changes.

Carpe Diem for sure, yall!


Libby Lu


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