A Summer Rerun
Please forgive me here, but it’s been a busy week. Also, my brain is over heated. It’s time for some laughter, so I’m reposting this from January. It’s in honor of my mother in law whom we will be seeing soon. I’ll catch up with you within the week.
Thanks for reading,
Libby Lu

The View is Great!

Funny, but on this particular visit with Larry’s family I felt most connected to my mother in law than anyone.

Maybe it was because we were both misplaced for a few days.

She was briefly but literally misplaced, moving from her home of over 50 years into assisted living in a city she’s never lived in before.

The move went well and we think Mama Crew will be happy in her new place. Her view will be of the lovely mountains of southwestern Virginia, instead of the familiar homes and comings and goings of the people on Dee Kay Drive.

Mama Crew is a funny gal. She was married to Larry’s Dad for over fifty years, had four kids, was a registered nurse, and has a very cute and acute issue with malapropisms.

Malapropisms-words unintentionally substituted for inappropriate but like-sounding words that take on a ludicrous meaning when…

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