Mine Daddy and Dadda

In honor of Father’s Day, this post includes a short excerpt from  my first book (ummm my only published book…but I’m trying to keep the hope. ☺)

My sandbox was a gift from Daddy. It was painted bright red and sat beneath the old hackberry trees in our side yard.

I remember feeling at peace with my young world on those sunny, carefree days in my sandbox.

My mind would open up to all kinds of ideas and questions, and from there the wonders of childhood were magnified tenfold.

It was a spiritual experience.

Through the planning and construction of that sandbox, Daddy was probably very well aware that he was giving my creative mind a place to grow and expand. This was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

He set me on my course to play among the stars.

Libby Lu and Mine Daddy 1964

Together, we have explored the creek in our backyard and the coastline of the Gulf. We have watched the night skies. He loves the details of life and we share the love of watching bugs at work, flowers in bloom and birds in flight.

I have learned from him that fine points are important.

About 30 years ago, I went with my parents to a party at one of Dad’s best friend’s home. Guess who I met there?

Yeap, it was Lars.

So I guess I also owe that to Dad.

In Larry, I found a mate who has many of the same good traits as my precious father. He is loyal, honest, responsible, hard-working, humorous and enjoys the details of life.

He is a caring father to our Allison.

Alli/Punky/Toots and her Dadda 1993

With my mother’s recent decline, I have been spending more time with Dad and appreciating my loved ones more and more. It’s just another good thing that has come from this tough time with her health.

P-Pa/Mine Daddy with Allison – Taken by a nap. 1994

So, Happy Father’s Day to Mine Daddy and Alli’s Dadda/my partner in parenting, and to all of you men who inspire.

Hug or call your Dad. If you can’t, please accept a hug from me. Fill the void by letting a father figure in your life know that you care.  If you have issues with your father, resolve them. Now.

I shall leave you with words from John Mayer:

Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do

It’s true.

With love,

Libby Lu


9 thoughts on “Mine Daddy and Dadda

  1. A very good Piece Libby! Rather emotional for me since Larry and I have lost both our fathers. Mine has been gone 15 years this past May and Larry’s father passed away one year after mine did. Larry’s dad, Melvin, was a good soul. He loved me as if I were his own. And he LOVED his grandchildren more than life itself! My father, God Bless his soul, tried very hard to mend relationships during his later years in life. And I love him for that. It was a very hard thing for him to do but try he did. And he mostly succeeded! A belated Happy Father’s Day to all!

    • Thanks for sharing this, Anna. I can’t imagine that loss and don’t even want to think about it. I do commend your Dad for mending relationships before the end. That’s huge. Hugs to both of you and know that I’m happy to share Mine Daddy with you both. (btw, he still remembers that funny Jimmy and did spend some time with him when we were living in NHM.)

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