Five Days to a Full Nest

When Alli was an infant, I was a little miffed at my friends because not a single one of them warned me about how quickly the first year of her life would fly.

Today, I find myself in disbelief that her freshman year of college is coming to an end.  In only five days there will be another happy reunion at BNA when she comes home for the summer. My friends were good about warning me this time about how fast this stage would go. Thanks.

It’s been a busy time for me lately and I’ve found these last days and weeks of the first year in the empty nest to be somewhat overwhelming. I promise to go into detail with this more when I can.

For now, this brief post will have to do.

First off, Zanzibar turned 4 months old this week.

Just look at him.

He doesn’t look a day older than a day. Gross.

Every spring we put out our hummingbird feeder on April 15th. Ever since the great Nashville flood of 2010, I think their calendars have been confused. I have not seen a single hummingbird as of yet, but Mr. Downey Woodpecker shows up constantly.

I think he likes the nectar better once it’s been in the sun a while, if you know what I mean. Hiccup.

Bella Bunny continues to delight and bring us joy.  She had herself a good chipmunk chase yesterday.

Silly dog. She’s going to be so happy to see Alli.

Lars (I love my new nickname for him, don’t you?) and I have been busy getting some things done around the house in anticipation of Alli’s return. Her bathroom has been updated and her room is ready for her to move back in.

I enjoyed having an art room again, but it will be so nice to have Alli back in the house.

My hope is that Alli does well with her exams, can get most of her stuff in storage and the rest of it home on the plane (without a bill for overage on the weight limit.)

I know she can do it. It’s a pretty amazing feat for someone who was living like an earthworm (just sleeping, eating, pooping) only 18.9 years ago, huh?


LIbby Lu


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