My appologies for a re-run this week, but it’s been a crazy week. More later.

The View is Great!

Part of this new journey into mid-life and flying around the empty nest has to do with my parents aging. Due to the sadness it brings, I’ve avoided sharing too much of this here. But today was one of those regular old days that changed me, or at least my outlook about this situation.

As my mother’s memory has faded, I’ve been in a place of denial. It seems like it came on quickly and then again, if I allow myself to think about it, she has been slipping away for a while. My father had some serious health issues about a year ago. He was hospitalized and although my mother didn’t stay at the hospital with him, I tried not to think much of it then. She never wanted to be away from my Dad, and especially if he was not well. Now I realize that was the beginning.

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