Granola Seedlings Along My Merry Random Way

Warning: This is a slapdash catch-up posting of recent events.

First off, I have been remiss in keeping you up on Zanzi’s progress. Please forgive me. For those of you just tuning in, please visit my post Zanzibar Finds a Home so you can better understand this little project.

Here he is at 2 months:

And at 3 months:

Nice preservatives.

Maybe I should begin slathering canned biscuit dough on my face at night. (Just joking, Sweetbuns.)

Zanzi is like a pet rock.

I prefer watching our good friends Gucci Mane and Mr. Pooey instead.

Gucci thinks I can’t see him when he’s in his castle.

Or, playing dress up with sweet Bella Bunny.

Which reminds me of my most recent odd dream…I was walking at our beloved Centennial Park here in Nashville. It was a glorious spring day and every one was wallowing in the grass, on their back like happy puppies. There were dozens of humans, feet and hands in the air, smiles on their faces, just wallowing around in the sun.

I woke up giggling.

Spring is my favorite season, and I am tempted to go wallow in the back yard myself. Here are Larry’s photos of our flowers:

And my (watercolor) rendition of our little robin family out back…

This spring I’ve  started my  flowers indoors. Every year I tell Larry to remind me that every year I say I’m not going to do this.

Not only did I try planting from seed again this year, I made some of my own starter pots from toilet paper tubes and newspaper.

HEY, I heard that!

I know. I know. It sounds crazy and maybe a little granola of me.

From the Urban Dictionary:

granolaA tree hugging, free-spirited hippie minus all the drugs.

Even if I am taking photos of canned biscuits, watching the fish play, playing dress up with my dog and planting things in toilet paper tubes, I can guarantee there are no drugs involved.

Scary, huh?

Its’ hard to believe that this time last year I was knee-deep in prom activities,senior year events, getting ready for graduation and wrapping up the tour of colleges. There was absolutely not a single minute available for activities in which I am involved now. ☺

But time zooms. I just can’t believe it’s Spring already and my child will be home from her first year of college in only 5 weeks.

In this fine season of renewal I finally took Alli’s old high school decal off my car. It seems like yesterday when I took the elementary school decal off the bumper.

Alli, honey, please send Mommy a new decal for my car. I’m feeling a little lost here without a label. I need one of those big fat, ______ University Mom decals now, okay?

So, in this time of change this will be the first year since Alli was born that we have not celebrated spring/Easter at our house with family and friends . Mom’s not able to get out of the house. Alli is away at school. Another branch of the family has work stuff going on. So, we’ll go visit my parents and I’ll cook them lunch and we will enjoy being together.

I did still decorate for the season and shipped some Easter surprises to Alli this past week.

A basket wouldn’t mail too easily so I painted a box to look like one, and added grass and eggs filled with her favorite candies and cash and other little Easter treats.

And finally, what you’ve all really been waiting for…

My April Fools’ Day 2012 activity list:

  • I brought Clarice to work with me. My friend, although she’s only seen her in photos, is totally creeped out by her. I thought she needed to meet her in person. So, when I saw her run to the ladies’ room to powder her nose, I knew she had left her water cup on the water cooler as she always does. I stole it and replaced it with Clarice.  Her reaction?

She stopped about 10 feet away and shouted, “What is SHE doing here?”  I think she had tears in her eyes (and it’s important to note here that she comes from a long line of non-criers.)

Clarice, is that you?

Clarice had to spend the rest of the day in Sammie’s office keeping a low profile which isn’t easy. Scary thing is, Sammie actually asked to keep her.

  • I put a sign on the top shelf of the office fridge. It read, “Please, do not place anything on this shelf. If you have any questions, see T.

This name was quickly replaced by T. with my name. Thanks for the piggy-back prank. (And yes, that is a professional term. ☺) It really wasn’t that funny, but I think the original sign was.

“If you have recently consumed items stored in this refrigerator please watch for signs of physical or emotional distress. Seek medical attention if needed and see L. for the appropriate Worker’s Comp paperwork.”

I decided that was a little too much since the office fridge is new and all…and I really need to keep this job.

  • While Larry was out, I did a screen shot of the Outlook window on his computer and set it as the background.

It was a little confusing, but he figured it out. He’s nobody’s fool, especially around April 1.

  • I sent Alli’s roommate a message and some ideas of how to prank Alli for me. She wrote back asking what short sheeting the bed was, so I sent a video.☺ Alli said she not only short sheeted her bed, but she also Saran wrapped the toilet. ( I always knew I liked that roomie of hers. (♥ J.!)
  • I posted a really cute, but possibly embarrassing baby photo of Alli on her Facebook page.

She thanked me for cropping this.

I hope you have a great week. My next post  will be a bit more serious and something new and less random, I promise. I shall introduce my first guest writer Marabeth Quin.

Until then, enjoy the colors and newness of this season.

-Libby Lu


6 thoughts on “Granola Seedlings Along My Merry Random Way

  1. Have a Happy Easter with your mom and dad. Give Dot an extra special hug from me….. Ok give Les an extra hug also :). Sorry to hear that your mom can’t get out but don’t let that dampen the smiles on your face as you spend this special holiday with them. Love to all , Lady G 😉

    • Lady G, it’s always good to hear from you. Thanks again for reading, and for loving my family! I will give out hugs from you, for sure. We are going to have fun, always do. I’ll probably carry a few pranks.
      Have a great Easter and you give your Mom a hug from me, okay?

  2. I left a stuffed rat in my sister’s mailbox March 30 or 31. She called me on Friday April 6th and asked, “What do you know about a possum next to my mailbox?” I was able to answer honestly that I knew nothing about a possum. I could almost hear her scrunch up her face and then she said, “…but, there really isn’t a SECOND choice of who would know something about this.”
    I told her that the mailman must have tired of putting mail on top of the rat’s head for an entire week. We then had a conversation only people who have known each other forever can have about what to name him. We decided on Paul Lynde. He is currently in her pantry. I guess she hasn’t cooked too much in the 3 days since I moved him there. The joke was doubly fun in that it was for April Fool’s Day and I managed to keep my mouth shut even though it took her forever to find it.

    • Paul Lynde. OMG I get it! I get it! Templeton from Charlotte’s Web! Right? He did the voice for that fat rat who had an orgasboard of a smorgasbord.(I never realized until I typed that how risque that little song was for a kid’s movie!) This is tooooooo funny. I love it. Good job on keeping your mouth closed and so funny that the mailman removed him from the mailbox after a week, and now Paul Lynde is living in the pantry. I’m dying laughing. I love it. We MUST meet one day! OH, and have you read The Bloggess? She’s even more twisted than you/your sister/me!
      Thanks for reading and pranking!

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