Adult A.D.D., Perimenopause or Spring Fever? I just can’t make up my mind.

Sunday morning after breakfast I decided to weave a little on my latest obsession. It was a perfect spring day for creative play.

I ran back to our bedroom to get my glasses so I could see what in the heck I was doing. While there, I noticed that my computer was snoozing on my desk.

I checked email and my Facebook account, and my WordPress account. Then I noticed I needed to make the bed.

As I was gathering dirty clothes to put in the laundry basket after making the bed, It was clear that I really needed to get rid of some clothing items.

I went through our main closet and made a stack to go to Goodwill and a stack to go to my art closet for future projects. While I was at it, I decided I really should just clean out the other closet where our winter clothes are stored.

While delivering items to the art closet, the Goodwill box, and the laundry room, I noticed the coat rack in the den.

It was 3 deep in jackets and coats and scarves. Since it is already hitting 80 degrees these days, I figured I better just get those items ready for storage. All fleece items and scarves went to the laundry room to be washed.

Laundry.  Oh yes. I needed to do our laundry. So, I sorted and did 2 tubs.

On my way from the laundry room to the kitchen, I noticed the sink of dishes.

While splashing in the water doing dishes, I realized it was plant watering day.

So, I watered all my houseplants.

As I went by Alli’s room with the watering pail,  I thought of how I wanted to bake her a cake and mail it to her this week.

So, back to the kitchen to whip up a cake.

By then it was lunch time.

We had lunch.

I did dishes again.

Oh, and the cake was out of the oven, so I got it ready to mail.  While doing so, I saw one of my finished weaving projects which reminded me…

I went back for my glasses.

They were sitting by the clock. It was time to get ready for date night.

It’s now Thursday.

I haven’t touched that weaving in a week.

But here is something I actually completed recently.

This poor chair has been sitting on my parents back porch for years gaining its natural rustic look. It belonged to Dad’s parents and I actually remember it from earlier days when it sat in my grandmother’s home in Alabama. Back then it had a cane seat. Dad gave it to me recently when I got the itch to re-weave the seat with cloth.

It was a fun project, carried out in my favorite studio.

And always remember, being random is okay as long as you aren’t choosing a spouse.


Libby Lu

P.S. Happy Spring!

Larry's photo - Spring, Day 2, 2012 - Radnor Lake



9 thoughts on “Adult A.D.D., Perimenopause or Spring Fever? I just can’t make up my mind.

  1. That story reminds me of the cartoon “Family Circus” – the scenes where little Billy is sent for something and stops to do a million things along the way. 🙂 Fun story. And I love the weave you did on the seat.

  2. HAHAHA…I so LOVE this! This is completely me..never can I finish what I originally started out to do because I go from room to room doing something else. Now I will definitely take your advice for the next time I get married…”being random is okay as long as you aren’t choosing a spouse.” & I will have to post this as my facebook status soon!

  3. OMG I SO shadowed you on this one…seems like my everyday modus operand!!!
    and they think that HDD is new!
    late on responding …when with AG on college trips, aptitude testing in Atlanta…avoided the beach but had to shop! YUK!
    We both endured and actually had fun!

    • These are precious days with AG. Enjoy! I can’t believe it’s only been a year since senior prom, college trips and senior this and that at HH. Fun and quick days.

      Glad you get this, and thanks for reading. You could write a book about it and call it Gray Matter.
      Love and miss you and should see you at HH soon, say around the first of May? ☺

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