Wouldn’t it be Funny? A special post for April Fools’ Day

It was not surprising that after my cousin’s visit I discovered over the following week that every strap on every single bra I owned had been readjusted.

What my cousin didn’t realize as he drove off laughing was that every shirt in his suitcase was buttoned to another shirt in his suitcase.

Oh, and his shoes were stuffed with boxers.

We come from a long line of humor loving pranksters. Alli describes my  family as fun. Others may have other adjectives but one you will not hear is serious. You may have to watch your back at our family gatherings, but I love the humor.

My grandmother told me that when she was little she stuck her hand in the mailbox expecting mail but found a live black snake instead. Prank – compliments of her uncle.

Momma Doye (My silly grandmother. Gosh I miss her) and Larry. Right before I shot this photo she sat in his lap.

Mom loves to tell the story of how her father woke her saying that her boyfriend was home  from the war and was waiting to see her. Already anticipating his arrival (He was due home at 9:00 am the following morning.)  and thinking she had overslept – she jumped out of bed, dressed, did her hair and makeup and ran downstairs only to find her Dad sitting in the living room laughing.

It was 3:00 a.m.

That’s my grandfather John there on the left in drag for a “woman-less wedding” I think I got his legs. I’m sure I got his humor.

In our family if a sentence begins with, Wouldn’t it be funny, it is usually a lead-in to a great prank idea. Like the time Mom said, “Wouldn’t it be funny if while dipping all these rum balls in chocolate, we dipped a few cheese chunks?

The look upon my brother’s face after raiding the newly made Christmas rum balls was beyond priceless.

My Dad’s earliest prank was when he found a freshly made cow patty, covered it with sand and invited his friend Hector out to play. He told him he’d let him jump in his sand-pile first. Hector’s mother was never impressed with Dad after that, but he and Hector are in their eighties and are still friends.

Before the birth of digital photography and Adobe Photoshop my Dad would go to great lengths to paste-up funny photos.

Dad’s paste-up of President LBJ during an assignment in Nashville. He took one photo from the actual event with the crowds, Secret Service people and LBJ, and went back the next day and took a photo of the normal street and cut and pasted the 2 together with glue and scissors.

Dad not only taught me the fine art of altering photos, but also the fine art of altering magazine covers. It seemed there was never a magazine on our coffee table that had not been tampered with. I grew up thinking that cover girls were always missing teeth or had uni-brows.

How I found my room one morning, compliments of my mother.

To round out my “home school education in humor” my mother taught me how to make garlic gum by making a small slit in a piece of Double Bubble Bubble Gum, slipping in a sliver of fresh garlic, dusting with powdered sugar and re-wrapping. She helped me prepare enough of these for my whole English class my junior year of high school.

I can still see the faces. Did I mention I was friendless in high school? (Not really.)

Poor Larry didn’t know what he was getting into. He really didn’t. He grew up in a serious, more reserved family, but I’ve never held that against him. He can’t help it.☺ He’s a great sport and participant now!

About 3 months into our relationship I went over to Larry’s place very early in the morning on  April 1st.  I was armed with a stack of newspapers and masking tape and proceeded to cover every window and door.

Matt and Larry’s house on the river- The Fernbank Inn- April 1, 1982

Larry kept waking to darkness, then going back to sleep thinking that it was still night-time. When he finally looked out and saw the newspaper covering the windows and doors, he thought the landlord had decided to paint the house. He was captive inside for a long while that day until he looked at the calendar.

Then I received a phone call.

He knows to watch out for me on April Fools’ Day now.

Last year on April 1st I went to Alli’s school and moved her car to another parking space. Larry went to work with a “Beiber Rocks my Worldsign on the back of his car. Mom and Dad woke to a flock of birds in their tree that didn’t move (because they were fake). And everyone at my work place was wondering why the sign on the main door directed them to the back door.

Most of my parent’s friends and our friends are also fun-loving people and sometimes join in on our  pranks.

My mother’s buddy Pearl brought her friend Wanda over to meet my mother for the first time. Unbeknown to Wanda and Mom, Pearl had told each of them that the other was extremely hard of hearing and that they needed to talk very loudly. So, all night Pearl just sat back with a smirk on her face while Mom and Wanda proceeded to shout at each other.

And then, there’s  Lobster, or Lobby for short. He is the most famous of all of our group effort pranks with friends and family.

Lobster Sandwich, courtesy of G., one of my parent’s friends

Lobster began his flocked plastic life with our family as part of a prop in one of my Dad’s photo shoots. He became a world traveler because he somehow ended up in people’s suitcases,  pockets, cars and purses. One friend in New York sent him home with an I♥NY sticker on his back. He arrived home from New Mexico with chili peppers in his claw. He even traveled to Africa and came home wearing a kanga. He would show up under pillows, in dresser drawers, in the mail, at family parties, in the fridge and on the Christmas tree. He even made an appearance on the gift table at our wedding. He sometimes wrote letters.

Well, the lady at Cain Sloan was rather surprised to find Lobster in the pocket of a jacket we were returning. (So were we!)  I tried to explain to the cashier that he was a family joke and my mother had probably put him there blah, blah, blah, but she seemed a little scared of us after that and didn’t want to talk much. It was a speedy quick transaction.

I once involved a friend to call my father at his office. He told him  he was Frank from John F. Lawhon’s Furniture Store and he needed to make a delivery to his home but his wife who had ordered the living room suite was not answering the phone. (I knew Mom was out running errands.)

First off, Dad was fumed that his Dot had purchased furniture without even talking it over with him. Second, he was angry because she had set it up to be delivered and was not home.

Dad left his work, drove all the way home and waited, and waited. About an hour later Mom showed up, puzzled at his presence in the middle of the day. Let’s just say they had a little discussion about the issue. Mom kept telling him that she didn’t order furniture.Then it hit them. It was April Fools’ Day! What was the one word that came out of their mouths at the same time?



I’m proud to say that Alli is carrying on. She has quick wit and a gift for seeing a prank worth playing.

During Spring Break we attended the arts and crafts festival  in Fairhope, Alabama on our way to the beach each year. Alli’s friend Grace used to go with us. They would purchase a drink in a coconut cup and take photos with it and random people. It was a greatly humorous project. Here is my favorite set of photos from one of those times:

No words needed, huh? Mr. Sleepy Man with your Headphones on…If you only knew…

I could go on and on, but I shall leave you now with  a list of some fun and simple pranks for you to carry out this holiday weekend ahead. (Yes, in my book, April 1 should be a national holiday.)

At home:

  1. Short sheet beds.
  2. Place a rubber band around the vegetable sprayer at the kitchen sink.
  3. Boil all the eggs in the fridge.  Except the one you pack in someone’s lunch.
  4. Lace someone’s shoes backwards. (The bows really do look cute down near the toes…)
  5. Switch all the drawers in someone’s dresser.

At the office:

  1. Switch the decaf and regular coffee pots.
  2. Place a strip of tape over the optical sensor on an office mate’s mouse.
  3. Replace a few sheets of paper in the copier with random sheets of colored paper.
  4. Transfer all calls to one person (but not your boss.)
  5. Have everyone you know call one of your office mates and ask for Fred all day. At the end of the day have someone call this same office mate and say, “This is Fred, do I have any messages?”

Okay, I’ve said too much.

Not that I’ve tried any of the above. They are only suggestions. Use these ideas at your own risk.

Happy April Fools’ (or is it April Fool’s?) Day!

Watch your back. Have fun, but be careful.

Love and laughter,

Libby Lu

P.S. Since April Fools’ Day 2012 falls on a Sunday, I hereby declare that it shall be celebrated Friday-Monday this year!


Adult A.D.D., Perimenopause or Spring Fever? I just can’t make up my mind.

Sunday morning after breakfast I decided to weave a little on my latest obsession. It was a perfect spring day for creative play.

I ran back to our bedroom to get my glasses so I could see what in the heck I was doing. While there, I noticed that my computer was snoozing on my desk.

I checked email and my Facebook account, and my WordPress account. Then I noticed I needed to make the bed.

As I was gathering dirty clothes to put in the laundry basket after making the bed, It was clear that I really needed to get rid of some clothing items.

I went through our main closet and made a stack to go to Goodwill and a stack to go to my art closet for future projects. While I was at it, I decided I really should just clean out the other closet where our winter clothes are stored.

While delivering items to the art closet, the Goodwill box, and the laundry room, I noticed the coat rack in the den.

It was 3 deep in jackets and coats and scarves. Since it is already hitting 80 degrees these days, I figured I better just get those items ready for storage. All fleece items and scarves went to the laundry room to be washed.

Laundry.  Oh yes. I needed to do our laundry. So, I sorted and did 2 tubs.

On my way from the laundry room to the kitchen, I noticed the sink of dishes.

While splashing in the water doing dishes, I realized it was plant watering day.

So, I watered all my houseplants.

As I went by Alli’s room with the watering pail,  I thought of how I wanted to bake her a cake and mail it to her this week.

So, back to the kitchen to whip up a cake.

By then it was lunch time.

We had lunch.

I did dishes again.

Oh, and the cake was out of the oven, so I got it ready to mail.  While doing so, I saw one of my finished weaving projects which reminded me…

I went back for my glasses.

They were sitting by the clock. It was time to get ready for date night.

It’s now Thursday.

I haven’t touched that weaving in a week.

But here is something I actually completed recently.

This poor chair has been sitting on my parents back porch for years gaining its natural rustic look. It belonged to Dad’s parents and I actually remember it from earlier days when it sat in my grandmother’s home in Alabama. Back then it had a cane seat. Dad gave it to me recently when I got the itch to re-weave the seat with cloth.

It was a fun project, carried out in my favorite studio.

And always remember, being random is okay as long as you aren’t choosing a spouse.


Libby Lu

P.S. Happy Spring!

Larry's photo - Spring, Day 2, 2012 - Radnor Lake