Are You Ready?

This will be short.

I had to share my latest weird dream with you. I’ll let you help me translate it.

Around me is sand and a lawn. The sun is shining. I’m sitting cross-legged on the sand. My mother is next to me, also sitting cross-legged and smiling at me. I feel close to her. I feel love. She looks into my eyes and reaches for me. I hear something loud behind me.

I turn to see a tidal wave rising at least twenty feet in the air.

Instant panic.

I grab Mom’s outstretched hand and she keeps smiling, almost laughing at my terror.

She is calm and asks, “Are you ready?”

I look at her, puzzled.

The wall of water hits and instead of being washed away with it, the clear water rises around  us instantaneously.

We float around, still holding hands and playing like two little kids. When I laugh at what feels like pure joy, I realize that I can breathe in this water. Mom sees my disbelief in this and she laughs and nods in agreement.

The sun is shining through the water and it’s light and bright and so peaceful.

The End.

I think I know what this means, but I’m afraid to let myself think of it. Then again, it brings me some sort of peace.

What do you think this is? Comments, please.


-Libby Lu

P.S. Zanzibar turned 1 month old today and doesn’t look a day older than when he first popped out of the can.

Zanzi turns 1 month old!


7 thoughts on “Are You Ready?

  1. I’m leaning toward: safety, spiritual cleansing, support, wanting to be free of responsibility (weightless) and nurtured (with mom). Sounds like a really nice dream. Maybe the tidal wave form is all that mother/daughter love stuff you are holding onto behind that big wall of pride and wanting independence for your daughter. Can’t imagine where that idea might have sprung from!

    • Janet Ha, Dream Interpreter
      Seriously, this is good. Thanks for this…I’m thinking you are correct about much of this. And I really can’t imagine where that daughter concern stuff comes from…

  2. I think your mom’s sweet spirit is showing you that you will be ok and will “breathe” no matter what the future holds. We all know that “change” will come in all our lives and the older we get the closer “change” times will come. Remember no matter what ” just breathe and float”

  3. Theresa’s take is how it struck me as well. And I’m glad you see positive in it because it sounds like a message of reassurance, connection, and love. That said, I had a dream once where I could breathe underwater. I was in a fish museum. I went from room to room with live fish in frames on the walls. The fish looked really resentful about being there. And it was crowded like a real museum. It was a very comical dream. I never figured that one out.

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