Zanzibar Finds a Home

 It is said that a Hostess Twinkie has a shelf life of 25 days.

When I investigated this, Sherlock here discovered a cornucopia of interesting experiments with food items. Twinkies seem to be the most popular article to test, followed by Cool Whip and Happy Meals.

I was a happy camper during my elementary school days when I found Twinkies in my Mary Poppins or Laugh In lunch box. I loved them.

Now, I do not.

We try to eat healthy, but on New Year’s Day, we have a huge breakfast of items we would never otherwise consume. This year, we even had canned biscuits.

I know. Gross, you say.

But for some odd reason, I like them. I think mainly it’s because I like to pull the layers apart and play with my food.

While celebrating the New Year and eating our fat laden and preservative filled feast, it occurred to me that we should do our own little experiment.

Meet Zanzibar.

Zanzibar - Day 17

He was named by Chris.

We call him Zanzi for short.

He lives on top of our fridge.

I will keep you updated on his life, and his decline or lack thereof. (Because I know that you are so excited about this.)

Be healthy, and always play with your food.

-Libby Lu


8 thoughts on “Zanzibar Finds a Home

  1. I think twinkies, ding dongs, and wonder bread are in our conscious so much because Hostess foods just filed for bankruptcy again. I wrote about them this week. And so did Peg-o-leg. It’s in the air! I can’t wait to see how Zanzi does.

    • How odd…I didn’t even notice…actually, I have been out of town and set this up to post while I was gone and I’ve been out of the loop. Cool…I’ll have to catch up with your blog and check out Peg-o-leg’s too!

  2. I love the idea of Zanzibar…..and I love to play with my food. I do it all the time. Maybe I need to check out Zanzi in person!

  3. I love projects like this…I did one with a piece of Tyson’s chicken strips one time and it literally lasted for months and then simply dehydrated itself. CHICKEN! what a terrifying world we live in…

    • Okay….I’m done with chicken now. GROSS. Thanks for the head’s up. I just found out what Jello is and it made me spit up a little in my mouth.

      Thanks for reading my blog. I look forward to exploring yours.

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