The Glass House and a Gaggle of Giggly Girls

A couple of nights ago I added to my weird dream list.

This time I was with Larry and we were walking on the beach. It was a rocky beach, not  like the ones at the Gulf that I am so familiar with. Larry realized that he needed to get to the studio for a recording session, so he hopped in a car, and I continued walking. The beach was crowded. There were homes everywhere and a busy highway close by. I can’t seem to find the peace I was seeking on my beach walk. I was trying to get somewhere. I came upon a recording studio. It was all glass, like a giant cube in the sand. I looked in and there was Larry, playing his bass. He acknowledged my presence with a nod and somehow I knew that I had to keep walking and he’d catch up with me later. Finally, I reached my destination. It was a huge, modern, Frank Lloyd Wright designed home, and it, like the studio was all glass. I went in and immediately did not feel comfortable. I was out-of-place and I knew it. I decided to leave, and then Larry’s family was there, welcoming me.

Ummm. This obviously has the Glass House theme going on…But my interpretation of this one is that I feel transparent at times and going to see Larry’s family next week has me a little nervous. I’ve known them for 30 years, but I am very different from any of them and I’m pretty sure they think I’m crazy, and rather odd.

 Oh, what’s that you say? Did you say they are not alone? Stop it.

The best thing for me to do when I’m around people who just don’t get my creative mind or lifestyle, is to keep my mouth shut.

And not wear my hippie skirts.

And the braid in my hair.

And maybe even brush my hair.

Fact is, after this weekend, I’m pretty sure I’m all talked out.

Clancy ready for a road trip!

This weekend was our Sisters Separated at Birth weekend in Birmingham at Nancy’s house. Lauretta drove over from Atlanta and I drove down from Nashville.

Clancy riding shotgun

I shouldn’t have even had a voice left since I sang for 3 hours straight with the likes of Dave Matthews, Richie Havens, Stevie Wonder and Bonnie Raitt.  But somehow, I managed to chat with my friends for FIFTEEN HOURS non-stop. Really, we did. We talked and laughed for 15 hours, finally going to bed after 3:30 am this morning.

The 3 of us share so much in common that it’s sometimes eerie. We are all 3 authors, have each lost a sibling, love the same writers, artists, humor, and we love to discuss all things written, spiritual and paranormal.

It was so good for me to be with my like-minded writer friends. It was a re-fueling that my creative soul needed.

Lauretta's tapestry boots

The laughter was medicinal.

Nancy has a collection of priceless antique dolls. Well, I have a phobia about this type of doll and it became a great source of laughter. This led to Nancy getting out a pencil and paper and making lists of our phobias or Obsessive Compulsive subjects. I’m sure you will not be surprised to know that I had the longest list.

I have a hard time dealing with:



Antique dolls with beady shiny eyes

Sitting in the middle of a room (I always have to sit on the perimeter.)


I think there were about 11 major things for me.

And then a question that really hit home…

Do you count things?

Oh my gosh. I do. I count steps. I count how many times I stir stuff. I count pieces of mail. I count items as I take them out of the grocery bags.

I am crazy! But you know what? My friends love me in spite of it, and even though Larry’s family may think I’m a weirdo, they tolerate me. (Thank you.)

See! Clancy loves his new friend, Timothy Hi who has only one eye. That's tolerance, my friends.

All is well. I will be okay next week. I will wear my weird clothes, leave my hair brush home, try really hard to be quiet, and keep the memory of a fabulously fun weekend with my sisters in my heart and mind.  (Or maybe this isn’t a good idea, because then I will be laughing randomly…Oh no. I’m obsessing…)

Celebrate your differences. Share time with like-minded friends. Have someone else interpret your strange dreams.

–  Libby Lu


4 thoughts on “The Glass House and a Gaggle of Giggly Girls

  1. Right back at you, sister, right back at you. I love that I didn’t even KNOW we talked for 15 hours straight. It seemed like 30 minutes, tops. I have to say, I rushed home from church (my singing “gig,” heh-heh-heh), hoping I’d catch you and Lauretta before you departed. Felt like a baby for wanting to cry that you were already gone. Sigh.

    So when are we going to do this again? (I am quite persistent in my pestering and my need to get things down in writing.) I vote for a spring time visit.

    I know things will go well with Larry’s family next week. Why wouldn’t they love you? What’s not to love? Their son loves you just the way you are and so do they. Tell yourself that over and over. Read a Wonder Card. Pray a prayer.

    “Be still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46: 10
    Be still and know that I am.
    Be still and know.
    Be still.

    I have that posted in my office.


    • Thanks for that, N.

      I bonded with Rocky over some coffee and cat food before leaving your lovely home.

      What a great time! We will book the next SS@B weekend soon. I have to wake up first. Still haven’t recovered from all the laughter and talking and a mind full of new ideas and goals. Oh, and another 3 hour sing along on the way home!



      P.S. What a great office!

  2. What a great weekend. I’m a little jealous. But what I wanted to say is, I can relate to your dream and concerns. We’re just going to have to own who we are. I’m tired of making excuses for my hair and worrying about my clothes. I know and you know that the stuff going on inside us is what matters and that stuff is pretty great.

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