Santa Dude and Gertrude

This is just a little update. I’ll try to keep it short. I’m saving some of my best and funniest holiday stories for my Christmas post next week. (NEXT WEEK? Yikes!)

No return visits to that English Manor, but I’ve had a couple more weird dreams lately.(see 12/8 – Dream State Championship) All are too freaky to mention here. And one involved death and let’s just hope I didn’t get the psychic gene. And no, I’m not telling which one of you had the starring role.

So, I didn’t wear the jingle bell adorned antlers to the airport to pick up Alli.(See 12/12 – Antlers at Berry Field, Nashville)  I totally forgot them because I came down with a cold following a bad tooth ordeal that I promise has eaten into my brain. Seriously, I can’t remember anything.

No antlers, but I had unexpected back up!

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus (Has she ever had a first name?) sat right by me in the waiting area for the Southwest arrivals!

Mrs. Claus…I’m sorry, but that is just too formal – let’s call her Gertie…struck up a conversation. (Alli still doesn’t believe me. She thinks I was the one who talked first. Imagine!) She told me that her grandkids were arriving on the next flight and that she and the Santa dude, her husband, dressed up each year to greet them at the airport.

Hmmmm… and people think that I’m a little crazy? Jingle Bell Antlers would have been so low profile!

We discovered that the Claus family and Alli were on the same flight. This led to a discussion of Texans and how if you marry a Texan, you stay in Texas, as their son did. (I couldn’t help but wonder if he was an elf.)  She said she felt 100 years old, so I reminded her that I think that she and Santa dude are closer to 1,000.

Then Gertie got all worked up over the time, not realizing that the flight was arriving a little late. I assured her that my texting addicted child would let me know when they landed and I would let her know.

It was fun to witness the reaction of humans in an airport when they see Santa and the missus. Little kids were awestruck. Adults went silly. People were coming up for photos. The best was a man in his business suit, carrying a laptop and looking all serious. When he saw Santa and Gertie, his face softened and it was like he was 5 again. He did a little kid wave; flapping his fingers next to his face. Santa is definitely a smile maker, and in every smile was a little glimmer of hope!

Alli, home for the holidays (there are those antlers!)

The text came in that the plane had landed. I let Gertie know.

How wonderful to see my child again. I’m pretty sure that the antlers would not have made the impression that Mr. and Mrs Claus made.

Santa, Alli and Gertie

Until next time,

-Libby Lu

P.S. Alli says we need to re-do my nails. (see 11/29, Purple Nails, Leftovers and Traditions) It’s true, I still have on that polish! I look 6 years old. (Well, my nails do.)


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