Antlers at Berry Field, Nashville

Well, I was going to jot a short post about Alli’s upcoming return for the holidays, which made me think of her flight and the holiday traffic getting to BNA during rush hour.

Then my ADD really kicked in. (My apologies in advance.) So, I got to thinking about what in the world BNA stood for.  How did they get BNA out of Nashville International Airport? Shouldn’t it be NIA?

Maybe it stands for Big Nashville Airport…(grin)

I’ve lived here forever so I know that our airport has not always been a highfalutin international airport for that long. I can even remember when our airport was referred to as Berry Field, and you know…I think I still hear that on the weather report sometimes.

Anyway, I did a little research and guess what? BNA stands for Berry Field Nashville.

B (Berry Field) NA (Nashville)

Why didn’t they use BFN? In the Urban Dictionary, I see that it’s already in use for Bye For Now, so wouldn’t that still work?

Now, I wonder…Who was Mr. or Mrs. Berry? Or did they just build the airport in a field of berries?

And when we say, “they” …Who exactly are they?

Okay. I’ll stop now.

Back to my original thought…

Oh, Christmas Tree, 2011

We decorated our home and put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. The house smells of cinnamon and pine. Twinkly lights are everywhere. The season is here! But for some reason, I haven’t gotten into the spirit 100%. I haven’t been able to figure out what is holding me back from being my usual little kid self during the holidays.

Now I realize what it is! It’s Alli. I miss her spunk and her humor and her shower songs. Only 2 days to go and she’ll be here.

Of course, life will change again for a few weeks by having her home, and with Larry’s gig changes there will be some adjustments. Not that any of this is bad…it’s just different.

I’ve gotten into my groove of being home alone and hanging out in my PJ’s all night, and not feeling responsible for anyone but myself. Larry is used to having his days free from both of us. Alli is used to coming and going as she pleases, with no curfew and no annoying daily parental input.We all love our space.

But, we’ll all get used to it.

Then it will change again. That’s life!

During exam weeks, Al's school has puppies on campus as stress reducers. Sweet, huh?

Alli is stressed right now from exams. Larry always works hard during the holidays and is tired. I’m just ready for everyone to be home and together, curfews, noise, worries, “space invaders” and all.

Three of my favorites! Larry, Bella Bunny and Alli Christmas season 2011

I’m feeling more Christmas spirit already!

I may have to wear my jingle bell adorned reindeer antlers to BNA… (I’m sure Alli would love that! Not.) And, I shall be wearing much worn purple nail polish. (See my post from 11/29.)

Oh, and I couldn’t help myself…BNA is named after Harry S. Berry, who, at the time was the Tennessee administrator for the WPA. (Look that one up yourself, and no, it doesn’t stand for We Plan Airports)

Enjoy these yuletide days with your loved ones!

-Libby Lu


5 thoughts on “Antlers at Berry Field, Nashville

  1. I thought BNA stood for Briley Nashville Airport. Mr. Beverly Briley was the mayor of Nashville (mustachioed, chubby, and middle aged Caucasian small businessman as I recall) in the 1960’s during the move from having a Davidson County government, and a city of Nashville government, and it was combined into a single “Metropolitan government.” When did his name get dropped?

    I am a native Tennessean who grew up in Oak Ridge, went to college at Tenn. Tech in Cookeville, and had a brother graduate from Vanderbilt. I know my Tennessee history fairly well. Oh, and I work in the I. T. Services department of Trinity University.

    John K. Sonnen
    Director of Enterprise Systems
    Information Technology Services
    Trinity University
    One Trinity Place
    San Antonio, TX 78212
    Work: (210) 999-8879

    • I think it should be a law that puppies are involved at all higher education facilities during exam week! We got the word over break that her school will have a puppy on campus full time now! ♥

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