Dream State Championship

This is going to be short and odd, but I just had to share my latest weird dreams with you (and I promise they are G rated.) I also thought it would be refreshing to not have photos in this post. (Especially since I’m going to post way too many in my next one. Consider this a warning.)

Okay, now to the dreams…

First off, I’ve been having a recurring dream of an English manor, complete with gardens and horse stables. The first time I visited, I was with my parents and we were just nosing around, opened the door, went in, met the owner. He was cool with us breaking and entering, and seemed to enjoy showing us his artwork. It felt warm and familiar. The next time I went alone and roamed the gardens and rode horses. Again, I felt like I owned that place and knew the horses and had planted the gardens with my bare hands. My last visit, I was a maid, and I knew every dusty shelf and table by heart and I felt happy cleaning this huge home, and in the back of my head was the idea that I could garden and go riding as soon as I did my work.

While Alli was home for Thanksgiving break, I had a variation on my old recurring dream of having to fill in for the chick singer in Larry’s band. In the original dream, I always feel more concerned with the short dress I have to wear, than how I’m going to pull off singing in front of thousands of people. Anyway, my variation was of me and Alli’s college roommate, Jacque, rehearsing a song we are to sing A capella at her friend’s funeral in Houston.

But last night’s dream wins the all time (well…at least this month’s)  first place ribbon for weird, but somehow good. My deceased brother, John, was helping me slather sun screen all over Alli. In this episode she’s only about 6 (which was how old she was when he died) and has on shorts and a t-shirt and is getting ready to go out on a sailboat. Alone. John was very concerned about covering her nose and ears and I was feeling happy that he loved her so much to make sure she was not going to burn. I felt this deep gratitude for his understanding of my concern for my child being on the open ocean on this solo journey.

Okay. Now I ask…what do these things mean?

Here’s my take:

The English Manor is a place I lived in another life. (The reason I love good art, gardens, horses and keeping a clean home in this life?) And maybe it was about how I’m always trying to juggle my creative time and my chores?

The one about the sunscreen is just a reminder that John and all the others who have gone before are looking out for us, like our personal guardian angels.Maybe it also has to do with Alli being far away on her own at college.

And the one about singing with my child’s roommate at a funeral is just because I had chocolate that night before bedtime. I really can’t come up with anything better about that one.


Sweet or bizarrely fun dreams to you all,

-Libby Lu


6 thoughts on “Dream State Championship

  1. As I read the post, I thought your brother was letting you know he is helping to protect your baby girl. They’re always our baby girls, even when they go to college. I’m excited you got that comfort from the dream.

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