Captain Crunch and The Turkey Await!

I had a huge response from my last post on our open adoption. Thank you for reading and sharing our story in hope of helping others.  I had planned on posting about the transracial aspect of our adoption before National Adoption Month ended, but I have decided to wait until January.  I don’t want adoption to become what my blog is about. Besides, I will run out of things to write about after 2 posts, and everyone will be tired of hearing about it.

It’s been 3 months since I have seen my child.  Skype helps, but wow, I am giddy knowing Alli will be home soon, live and in person! I have already warned her that I will be making a fool of all of us at the airport.

She’s good with that.

This is a landmark time in our new adventure as empty nesters and for Alli as a college student in a distant land. Well, really a distant state. It seems we have all done well, but I think this break and visit will be just in the nick of time. Our Alli is homesick, tired and ready to come home and recharge. And I’m really missing her!

We have had warnings from parents of older college aged kids that we are not to expect her to be around much on this, her first break at home. So, in my head, I’m only planning on seeing her on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday, when we traditionally get a tree and decorate for Christmas.  I also hear that it’s good, even if they are off with their friends during most of their visit, just knowing they are close by, sleeping under your roof.

One of the most positive things we have been told is that we will notice a maturing in our child and their thinking and behavior after only a few months of college.

It gives me visions of Alli helping me cook and do dishes, and of no arguments.

And of little birds tweeting around our heads…

Well, I know the old folks at home have done okay these 3 months. We did not have nervous breakdowns. And we learned that for the most part Empty Nest Syndrome is a myth. Or at least we’ve been kept busy enough for it to stay away this first semester.

We had a triple date with our fellow newly empty nesters at our friend’s home back in early October. We compared notes on raising older teens and the whole going off to college and quiet home experience. It was great group therapy.

Larry and I also attended the empty nest party at Alli’s high school. It was for the parents of the class of 2011 and what a wonderful time we had. Honestly, it seems that most of the other parents and their daughters are all doing well with this huge change.

For this, I am grateful. And as this season of Thanksgiving is upon us, here are a few other things I’m grateful for:

-Alli’s humor and determination, and the fact that she can be home for the holidays

-Larry’s honesty and goodness

-My Dad’s love of the little things in life

-Mom’s constant smile

-My brother’s way of playing with words

-Bella Bunny’s joyful spirit

-Our comfy, safe home

-Our big old trees

-The bird’s song

-The fact that my recurrent nightmare of having to fill in for the chick singer in Larry’s band has never come true

The turkey is thawing in the fridge. I’ve been to the store to get some of Alli’s favorite items that I know she will like to have when she gets home.

Captain Crunch is waiting in the cupboard.

And we only have 1 day, and 15 hours to go. Look out Nashville International Airport! It’s party time!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you,

Libby Lu


2 thoughts on “Captain Crunch and The Turkey Await!

  1. Libby, I love this post. I wish I could be a fly on the wall at the airport! Please tell Alli that we’re very proud of her. I’m looking forward to your post-Thanksgiving post!

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