Space Bags, Luggage Scales and Chocolate Ice Cream

T minus 15 hours until take-off.

The weather these past few nights in Nashville has been good for August, and we have been sleeping with the windows open. This morning I woke to the neighbor kid out the window saying, “It’s Alli’s last day home!”

We have 5 bags packed and ready to go. They have Punky’s room number and dorm name on cute tags of purple and green and pink. Her closet is bare except for about 200 empty hangers and some outgrown shoes. OH, and about 150 stuffed animals, a Barbie doll house and a bag of dress up clothes.

Punky and friends

I know I should be verklempt, but instead, the word hernia keeps coming to mind.

Seriously. Each of these suitcases weighs in just under 50 pounds, and there’s one more to pack. I’m pretty sure it will hold her 300 bottles of nail polish.

Her roomie is going to die when she sees just how much stuff Punky has brought with her.

Here we are, the day before move in day. I feel like I’m space walking, but that could be because I’m obsessed with Space Bags. OH MY GOSH. Have you tried them? It was my entertainment for the day. You pack about 2 laundry baskets of clothing into this gargantuan zip lock bag, then suck all the air out of it with a vacuum. Viola! You have what seems to be a freeze-dried cake of clothes that only takes up about 1/3 of the space in a suitcase.

And did I tell you how much I love our new luggage scale? It’s almost as much fun as the Space Bags.

They make me happy.

So does the chocolate ice cream that Sweetbuns brought home last night. Comfort food rules right now. Can you relate?

My new friend V. can. She lives in California and is also shipping her baby off to college this week. Our girls will be in the same dorm and we are just SURE they will be best of friends because we just love each other. 🙂 About 2 months back, she told me she had polished off 2 bags of tortilla chips in one sitting.

She said that SHE would be gaining the Freshman Fifteen.

How is everyone else coping?

I’m getting reports on a daily basis from many of my friends who have either just returned from taking their children to college, or who, like me are getting ready for this huge change.

One friend said she will be under covers with the blinds closed until further notice. One has already purchased a new bedspread and is planning on “fumigating” her daughter’s room the night after she leaves, with plans to redecorate. She actually refers to this event as The Great Fumigation of 2011. One couple dropped their little darling off at college, and proceeded to the closest beach where they will have a little honeymoon before returning home.

I ran into one of my friends at Kroger last week. She was pushing one of those new grocery carts. It has two drink holders. She said they were Empty Nester Carts with places for 2 beers.

Another friend told me the story of how she had dropped her daughter off at college and was waiting for her flight at the airport the next day. She was crying uncontrollably. A man felt bad for her and bought her drinks. She was feeling no pain on the return flight.

Some of us feel free. Some of us are sad.

I honestly don’t know where I am today on the emotion barometer. The tears almost came yesterday when Punky told her grandparents and uncle goodbye, and, just now as a good friend stopped by to say farewell. But for the most part, I’m holding it together and the excitement rules.

Also, I almost feel fussy because people are giving advice left and right, just assuming that I’m already having my nervous breakdown.

I know. I know. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not a bad thing! It’s a good thing.

I know. It’s only until the holidays. Think of it as a long summer camp!

Still, life will never be the same. AND I will be okay! Really!  

Alli is also getting advice from everyone.

The best so far was:  Don’t drink the punch!

Someone else, a guy, told her, “When a boy asks you to his dorm to watch a movie. He does not want to watch a movie.”

I really wish I’d not heard that one.

Anyway, I think that there will be no more advice today. And if there is, I shall cover my ears and hum.

Excuse me. I must get some more ice cream.

I’m back.

OH MAN. I just went into Punky’s room. It echos. And sitting on her closet shelf is Clubby. Her stuffed bear. I had the urge to hold him close and sniff him. But I’ll wait until she’s been gone a while. Or should I sneak him into her luggage? Surely she’s not leaving him behind too?

Okay. Major mood change. I think I’m verklempt now.

I think I’ll go play with some more Space Bags. Or have some more ice cream.

Punky and Mooma

Nah, I’ll run just one more errand with Punky and enjoy this last evening at home with her.


-Libby Lu


2 thoughts on “Space Bags, Luggage Scales and Chocolate Ice Cream

  1. Oh Libby YOU ARE the next Anne Lamont on a book about “The view from here”! I have chills everytime I read your blog. How can you so incredibly and loving ly put into words waht every bone in my feels.
    God bless you all! I’m thinking of you!

    Well since Parker left I got on a plane and I am in Sanibel Island with my sister. FREE trip so I had to come!!! I feel like it was God sent so no way was I going to say no! David and Kaylor are home having GUY time!

    Much love!

    • Perfect deal with your sis in Sanibel! Have a great, relaxing time! I’ve been thinking about you.Thanks for the compliments. I’m having fun!
      P.S. get well!

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