Exactly 47 hours and 56 minutes, but I’m not counting

Countdown: 2 days ‘til take off.

Today was the day for errands. It was good to be together in the car, chatting and enjoying our time together while doing fairly ordinary things. We delivered late graduation gifts, shopped for last-minute items for her dorm, and ran by Punky’s old school.

It is a most beautiful campus, and one cannot help but feel peaceful there. She practically skipped along the side-walk. It’s an all girl school for 5th-12th grades, and even with no students on campus today, the girl energy was still strong. Heck, I even felt like skipping.

Punky said she felt like she was home. This made me smile.

Punky at her graduation

No matter how far away my child goes from Nashville, she will always have her school home. It’s a tight-knit community, and the school works hard to keep the girls in touch and connected through their college days and beyond. Actually their whole lives. They even keep the parents connected. While visiting with the school receptionist today, she mentioned an Empty Nest Party for the parents of the class of 2011, which will be held in October.


That’s 2 months away.

Ummmm. I think they are waiting until all the Moms kick off the covers, open the blinds and decide to join the living world again. Surely by October, most of us should be functioning once more. Right? Will we be over the major separation trauma by then?

One can hope.

Here’s one thing I’m pretty sure about…Our daughters will be over it before we leave their campus gates on move in day. They are so ready. So prepared.

I’m trying to be. I really am! So far, so good. I have not had a meltdown in approximately 72 hours. I’m taking in all the details of our days, and there are little things I’m noticing as the clock ticks away our time together.

This morning, when I woke Punky, I kissed her on the forehead and got one of those precious smiles. The kind where her eyes are still closed, like she’s really not awake, but she looks like she feels loved and is happy that I kissed her on the head. Normally, she would bat me away and fuss and pull the covers over her head in a huff. But this morning, it was different.

I also heard her taking photos of Bella Bunny today.

And, Sweetbuns took the opportunity this morning to tell Punky all of the things he needed to tell her before she flies the nest. He actually had a list. It warmed my heart that he had put that much effort and thought into his advice for her. It was pretty much the usual stuff we have been telling her all her life about being responsible, being honest, being smart, being strong and being careful. But it just sounded different today.


It’s a sunny day. Alli is only about 4 years old. She is determined to ride her little bike without training wheels and begs Sweetbuns to remove them. He does, dresses her in what we refer to as her suit of armor (helmet, knee and elbow pads, etc) and low and behold the kid was right!


Sweetbuns and Punky- Look Ma, I'm flying!

She was ready!

She had balance.

She had confidence.

She was determined.

She was happy!

And she knew all of these things in her heart.


These are the things that we all wish for our children to have with them always.

Today, Punky is balanced, confident, determined, and happy.

She is ready to fly. And I am ready to let her go.

Just joking. I’m really not, but I must.

Peace to all of you out there going through major life changes. Embrace each moment and hold it dear. These are special days.

It’s all good.

-Libby Lu


8 thoughts on “Exactly 47 hours and 56 minutes, but I’m not counting

  1. So poignant and witty. How do you do that? I am already envisioning myself in just a few months (I haven’t counted them out yet but it’s coming) right where you are. I hope I handle it as well. My niece-by-magic will do great, I’m sure, and so will my sister-separated-at-birth!


    • Your niece by magic is going to do well, since she has her sock monkey packed! 🙂 And I’m going to do well, because you are going ot coach me through this,sis! Thanks for reading! L

  2. this touchs my heart. since both of my girls have left the nest I still long for the days of past when they were with me , under the same roof, and at the same dinner table. It blows my mind how fast time goes by and you are then left with sweet memories of a time that will never be the same but with the expectation of good for the future. Life is about change and sometimes it is hard on us “moms”. Love to your family and all your exciting new memories. theresa gilliam jester

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