Eeyore, Tigger and those blustery flashbacks.

I am all over the place today with my emotional state. It could be from lack of sleep. It could be that the stars are not lined up correctly.

Or is it just that I looked at the calendar?

SEVEN days. That’s it. I can almost hear the wings a flapping!

One second I feel almost giddy, excited about the upcoming changes. I do mental lists of what needs to be purchased and what needs to be packed to get Punky to college. Then my mind wanders to what it will be like to just hang out with my Sweetbuns? (Not a real name. 🙂 ) No major responsibilities. Only two schedules to plan around. One less person to fight for time at the computer. 1/3 less laundry. 1/3 less groceries.

Then, there’s Punky’s happiness about her upcoming move. She basically glows from the joy of it.

I am in awe of her courage and sense of adventure. She has chosen to go to a university far away where she doesn’t know anyone. She’s that confident. Don’t get me wrong. She’s a normal 18-year-old, and is nervous about these changes like anyone would be, but she’s always been independent. It will serve her well.

Everywhere we look; we see things that point West. License plates, flags, t-shirts. They are like signs saying that this is the right move.

It’s going to be good.

On a more cosmic level, we had one of those days this week where we ran into so many old friends. Coincidence? I think not. Punky said it is a sign that it’s time to go. That she was seeing everyone and was able to tell them goodbye, so it is time.

Her enthusiasm is contagious.

I bounce around on my tail like Tigger.



Then, boom. I hit the dirt.

Can you hand me my tail?
Why, Hello Eeyore!

Not really a sad place like our thistle eating friend, but a mellow place.

Mellow. I like that word. It’s like a mild depression. A slight case of the blues. A reflective rainy day. Or a calm nervous breakdown.

I can’t walk through the house without realizing that we have a photo shrine to our daughter. She’s everywhere. The baby, the toddler, the brace adorned pre-teen, and the lovely young woman. And with the photos, come the flashbacks.

I shall share a flashback with you every now and then.

Today’s flashback:

Punky is a toddler. Her vocab is already strong from all of those great books I read to her. Books like Winnie the Pooh. She’s spunky, and cute. The grandparents have taken us out to a Chinese Restaurant. The four of us are at the table. Punky is sitting in a high chair at the end. The waiters are going goo goo over her, talking to her in their fast language, making cute faces at her. She looks like she can understand them. It’s a parade of waiters and waitresses coming by to have a little laugh with the cute kid at table #6. One of them can’t stand it anymore. He brings her a Shirley Temple. She beams. It was more sugar than the child had had in her entire 3 years. She flirts. The waiter brings her a fortune cookie. And Punky, being the clown that she is announces, in a very real Chinese accent;

Fawtune Coookie AWAYS wong!”

True story.

She had, that week, just seen Lady and the Tramp.

The waiter had obviously never seen it.

There was, and I promise you it’s no lie…a 30 second awkward silence.

Punky broke it with a good belly laugh. We joined her.

The waiter looked concerned. Maybe hurt.

Spunky Punky

And this, dear people is why we have good memories. Flashbacks will keep us afloat on this journey through The Hundred Acre Wood where anything is possible.

So, watch out for Heffalumps, keep your chin up and your eyes open. And above all else, try to find a happy place between Eeyore and Tigger.

These are precious days.

-Libby Lu


12 thoughts on “Eeyore, Tigger and those blustery flashbacks.

  1. Libby Lu, you are simply an awesome and gifted woman. How you make me laugh at the memory of it all. May I take your writing class 🙂 ? So glad we have met. All will be well and Alli , too. If you get bored, you can come to Thailand.

  2. Looking for my “inner Tigger” right now!

    Ali will do great! My Emily also chose to go far away where she knew nobody and it turned out to be the best decision she ever made. Thinking of you!!

  3. Is it a coincidence that sweet Alli started 5th grade at HH in the “Harpeth Acre Woods” with all the sidewalks named after Pooh and his friends?!

  4. I’m SO happy you’re blogging Libby : ) I’m looking forward to sharing the empty nester adventure with you. Love your wonderful ability to weave together your thoughts and feelings with such skill and humor too…and the pics are the sweetest.

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